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Farm Report – Autumn 2020

Well who would have thought after years of drought, bushfires for months, then a lovely gift of rain for New Year’s and now Covid-19!

And how does everyone in the bush cope with social isolation? – like every other farmer. We are used to working alone or in small groups, working with our animals, growing your food. Our township has been very quiet and we have barely seen the neighbourhood children until this week. I have really missed them so it is nice to see them around. They say they are ready for school – who’d have thought!

We have been very busy in the paddocks and packing shed making sure your product is especially safe, cleaning down the benches, washing hands constantly, spraying off pallets and generally making sure all the protocols are carried out. There has been high demand for our product both in dozens and half dozen. We made a new label for the half dozen – they are so cute and have been included in the home delivered Bunker Boxes. You can get those around Guyra, Glen Innes, Armidale and Inverell, courtesy of the Welder's Dog crew. Thanks for supporting local businesses boys!

We hope you are all going well through this difficult time and hope you have access to some of the New England’s beautiful food to fill your pantries. Until next season, stay well!

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